Don’t know people who want to buy something

Where do I start with getting information?

I don’t know people who want to buy something like a house or car what to say something of high value.
If you don’t know somebody who wants to buy something then you must approach it form a different angle.
Most of my friends have already vehicles and I know nobody who wants to buy a car at this stage.
How will I know that somebody is interested in buying a car or house?
There is only one way to find out and that is to ask.
Yes you must ask to obtain the information you need.
Focus on collecting information when interacting with people.

Information gathering strategy.

The first person you come in a conversation with start asking questions in a very subtle way.
When you ask you will receive and that is what you must do.
Don’t ask question after question but one or two at the most.
Like, Hi I see you driving this car for a while don’t you want to sell it.
No not now but the end of this year I want to trade this one in for another vehicle.
Do you have any brand or model in mind?

The potential buyer’s information given.

The person would give you a clear indication what he is looking for.
You have the information you needed like his name, cell phone number.
He wants to buy a car the end of the year and you know the brand, model and color.
Make a note in your dairy and follow up at the beginning of November.

Start earning money.

Visit “The Money Makers” website.
Register to become a member of “The Money Makers”.
Once you have registered you can now start earning money.
When you know a person who wants to buy some high value item just log into your profile.
Place a request by following the instructions on the form.
The process would not take more than three minutes and you’re done.
Work well done now it is up to the person who you referred and the business to do their thing.
You can expect a message about an e-wallet.

Throw money away

I do not throw money away.

You say that you don’t throw money away but let’s take a look. People will defend any statement that focus on wasting hard earned money. Money that you worked hard for and paid taxes on. Most of the time people don’t even think twice when they buy something. They do it impulsive it is if they are in a trance. Can we show you how you can create your own wealth? We at “The Money Makers club” guide people to financial freedom.

Cash spends on junk.

Let’s take a very hard look to what is that money worth that you spend or rather waste. Let’s say you are on your deathbed and you know in your heart you did not make any provision for this small child of yours. There is no money left behind for this child to survive on not to talk about education. You have live a full life but did not accumulate any wealth.

Value of money.

What is the true value of your money? The money that you have is money that you work hard for and paid taxes on. That money represents your life, time that you set aside to get your hands on that money. You exchange your life for this thing called money just to waste. By wasting money can be the same as been jailed for a period. It is one and the same. Your life have no meaning during your time in jail so is your life when you wasting your money.

Wasted versus saved money.

We can look to the heading different way but at the end we will get to the same conclusion. Wasted money and a wasted life are one and the same. A person who wastes their money on junk is not any different than a junky. They use drugs because it is more important to them than their life. Spending money on junk is the same. Always associate the money with your life. If you are serious about your life and your money matters then it is about time that you become a member of “The Money Makers”. Once you are a member of the club you will participate in our wealth creation system. We will guide you step by step.

Money making ideas

Do you have any money making ideas?

Yes we only share the money making ideas with “The Money Makers” club members.
There are hundreds of money making ideas.
Every idea has a different outcome but you must implement the money making idea to best optimize it.
It is of no value if you have an idea but it is not profitable.
What I mean by profitable is the profit in relation to the time spend and the financial layout.

Flea markets ideas.

Western Cape is a very good example of the popularity of flea markets but is it worth the effort?
In most cases it is not worth it.
You spend the entire day at the flea market and make only a few hundred of rand.
The question what is your profit?
You must take a few factors in consideration like fuel, fee for stand and electricity.
When you know what your profit is then divide the profit in the hours you spend with the flea market exercise.
Let’s say your profit is R 500 but you spend eight hours preparing and operating the stand.
Do you want to tell me that your time is worth R62.50 an hour?

Best way to make extra money.

The best way to make money could be found on the website
It is a referral website that does everything for you.
All that you do is to
Register on the website.
You listen to what people share about some items they want to buy.
Let’s say a person, friend or family wants to buy a car.
You log into the website and place a request for the assistance for that person who wants to but the car.
The website will do the rest it doesn’t matter where the person stay in South Africa.
The website informs a business or sales person near where the person stays.
A meeting is arranged and the sale is finalized. A few days later you get the money.

Profitable money making ideas.

There are a lot of profitable money making ideas but we only discuss it with the club members.
They explore the different options and then focus on one to his or her advantage.
There is much more that the idea involved when looking to a business concept.
If you want to be part of this wonderful opportunity you have to

My borehole water smell like sewage

The problem with borehole water that smells is due to a few underlying factors.

The underground water supply is polluted by sewage from some type of source.
Underground water supply flows past a French drain that overflows or is not designed the correct way.
Heavy rains because French drain to overflow and sewerage been spilled in groundwater.
I have found that some small holding owners have their own way to design their drains.
I was shocked when I started to take a closer look to the designs of drains on properties that I visit.
We and that put me first inline point fingers to the government and informal settlements for polluting our groundwater.
Small holding owners are in a big percentage also responsible for the contamination of our groundwater.
Take me on, on this topic and prove me wrong!
Borehole water supplied from a river nearby.
Sewage pollution of any type.
Long drop as far as 800 meters from borehole is a big problem.

Sewage smell in my borehole water.

What cause my borehole water to smell like sewage?
It would be sewage in the groundwater.
Another factor could be some types of natural elements that are present in the water.
Your French drain that is not designed properly.
Your drain pipes are damaged by a tree that causes the sewage to flow into the ground contaminating the groundwater.
A pit toilet on your property or nearby property.
Animals on the property or nearby.

Your water tank can be the course of the problem.

Is the tank open?
A bird, lizard, rat or any dead thing in the tank.
Tree leaves in tank.
Water source is not clean even tap water from city council.
Bacteria accumulation due to heat because the tank is in the sun.
It could be Hydrogen sulphide.
The biggest culprit is sewage from pit toilets in the surrounding area.
It could be an informal settlement that could be kilometres away.

Contact the groundwater treatment expert now!

If you are serious about your water treatment.
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My borehole water smell like sewage

We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.


Well point water quality

All that I can say is that about 85% of the well point water is not suitable for domestic use of any kind.
The only way the salty water can be used is to treat the water.
The treatment process is called desalination.
It is expensive and mostly for industrial use.

Well point water quality information.

People think that the well point water is of a good quality because it comes from the ground.
Well point water can be clean or contaminated or some elements levels can be sky high.
We advice people that use well point water to first get the water tested at an accredited laboratory.
That would cost a thousand rand but it is every sent worth.
With this water results in hand, we can then assist you in getting the correct system for the specific application.
Talk to us, today!
It is all about your health.
Every drop of water that you absorb is consume by the body and if it is contaminated the body will store that contamination substance somewhere in the body.

Water treatment specialists.

If you are serious about your water treatment.
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Well point water quality

We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.


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Well Point Water Information

We want to use our well point water in the house.
Due to the drought we want to be sure that when there is no water that we would still have water.
We want to tap into the house water supply line from the municipality.
There is only one big problem.
The well point water is in  some cases of a low quality.
The water taste salty and it have a strange smell.

Well Point Water usage.

Nearly every person you talk to have a well point or a borehole.
I wonder if so many people start to use the wellpoint and borehole water what impact it would have on the water level.
It would be fine to have water when the municipality cut the water supply due to the drought.
Yes we would have water but what about the quality of the water.
You can’t drink or use it when it is too salty.


Water treatment specialists.

If you are serious about your water treatment.
Talk to us by contacting us on 082 269 0210.
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Using Well Point Water

We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.


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What are the types of water treatment?

Different types of water treatment?

There is a few nut let’s just discuss the four most common household types of water treatment.
Filtration system is where impurities is been removed by means of filters.
Water Softeners system is a system that reduces the hardness of the water caused by calcium and magnesium.
Distillation System is a process that takes impure water and boils it then collects the steam in a cold container.
Disinfection is a physical or chemical process that deactivates or kills microorganisms.

Water Filtration system.

The Filtration System could be different types of water filters that remove impurities from the water source.
There is different media that’s been used in these filters.
Some is wool, Polyurethane, and other material.
This water filters is just to remove solid mater like sand, dust and sediment.
Activated carbon is most of the time used to remove or collect chlorine and other chemicals that could be present in the water.
KDF filters is been used to kill or destroy microorganisms. I don’t know if this media is effective. I will not promote it until I have tested it.

Water softener system.

The water softeners system is a system that reduces the hardness of the water caused by calcium and magnesium. The system is very effective and makes the water soft. The system need about 50 kg of salt per month depends on the volume of water been used.

Distillation System.

Distillation System is a process that takes impure water and boils it then collects the steam in a cold container. This is an expensive way to purify water. The problem with this is that if there are chemicals in the water it would also evaporate. The chemicals would then be present in the water. Giving the user of the water a false sense of security. Not a wise option.

Disinfection of water.

Disinfection is a physical or chemical process that deactivates or kills microorganisms.
We talk about the application of ultraviolet light, heat or electronic radiation.
The most common one is the ultraviolet light.
I have found that chlorine is not effective when it comes at parasites like roundworms.


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Borehole connection to house

I Bought a property recently that has a borehole. Currently, the borehole is only supplied to one tap in the garden area. I have tested the borehole water at a local water testing laboratory. I want to connect the water onto the house but I don’t know if the water is safe for consumption.

Water connection to house.

Is it possible for me to connect the borehole to the main water supply, which supplies the house (drinking, geysers, toilets etc.)? I am not sure what type of submersible pump is installed at the borehole. I have a JoJo tank for the water from the borehole. Do I need another tank or is the one tank sufficient? I want it to work from pressure as a tap is opened. What would be needed for this? Also do I need to convert anything inside the house, such as toilet, washing machine etc.  I am assuming the supply might not be constant 4 kpa?

Water testing result analyst.

Before I can give you any advice on the treatment and usage of your borehole water I need the water results. This is very important. From the results we can established what actions to be taken. This is to ensure that we treat the water the correct way. There is no such system that treats all issues at once. I’m talking about the view people have about the “reverse osmosis system” and the “Big blue system”.

Calcium and magnesium readings.

Every element or groups of elements must be treated in a different way. For instance if you take Calcium and magnesium. You must know what the total hardness of the water is and that is why you must know what the calcium and magnesium reading are. This element is not a health risk but it can cause financial losses due to the lime built-up in the pipes and around the geyser element.

Iron and manganese readings.

These two elements can be a health risk if it is too high. It is also have a financial implication due to the fact that it can stain white surfaces. Cloths and baths, basins etc. can be stained. These elements must be eliminated as far as possible. The treatment of these elements takes a good knowledge of the processes involved. The treatment systems and processes can become expensive.

Borehole connection to house


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Borehole Drilling Process

Steps for the Borehole Drilling Process. You will notice while driving about all the posters plastered on walls and fences the suburbs over: “borehole drilling”. Those whose fences, walls and gates boast the poster are the only ones whose lawns are still green, whose cars are pristine, and whose water bills are still lean… All thanks to the borehole or well point!

Need for a borehole.

Now is the time that the need for a borehole is bigger than ever. Especially due to the water bills that just gets bigger and bigger while the informal settlements waste water as if there is no water shortage. They are the wasters because they get it for free.  It is a wise choice to get a borehole for the times to come. What if the rainfall is less than last year?

Alternative water sources.

With the dams drying up, the municipal water costs going up, and the people gets fed up with the bills. Now, it’s more important than ever to understand and consider alternative water sources. A borehole or well point is the option.

Want A Water Borehole.

You Want A Water Borehole; What is the next step? The options are clear. A borehole or a well point. The one is a lot cheaper than the other one. The only difference is that the well point needs a sandy area where the borehole can be drilled at any location.

What about the atmospheric generators?

That sounds like a very noble idea. The fact is that it is still a new invention and expensive. It is green but what is the amount of electricity it uses. To generate electricity is not a very green process. What is the amount of water it provides a day? Is it really worth looking into that option? I don’t think so.

Drilling a borehole.

The 5 steps in drilling a borehole?

The 5 steps in drilling a borehole Process.

Step one is to get the funds available at leased R 100.00 depends on how deep the water is in your area.

Step 2 – The Hydro-geologists site inspection.

First you needs to be determined where the water is, and how we’re going to get to it. That’s why we ask for hydro-geologists to make use that there is some water like a crack underground.

There is a variety of borehole drilling methods to assess the geophysical properties of the underlying area. These are the guys that help us ensure we’re not drilling into natural hazards or manmade infrastructure like pipelines, cables, phone lines, etc.

Step 3 – Drilling and Construction

Once the hydro-geologists provide us with the information that we need we can get our drilling equipment in place.

Once the borehole has been drilled the necessary unstable lengths of the borehole are steel cased in an effort to reinforce the borehole.

Step 4 – Determining the yield of the borehole.

In order to most accurately gauge the yield of amount of water that the borehole produces. This involves installing a test pump and pumping the borehole water for a fixed set of variables; a given time at a given rate and then assessing the test’s impact on the water level in the borehole. Maximum yield is achieved by increasing the abstraction rate, ensuring optimum drawdown of water in the borehole.

Step 5 – Pumping and piping of the borehole.

The kind of pumping system and piping installed in your borehole will largely depend on the intended use of the borehole water.

Cape Aquifer

All you need to know about Borehole and wellpoint water in the western Cape. This is not our view but a article of the negative views of some of the doom prophets.

View of borehole and well point water usage. 

Over the past few years there has been a shift in the mentality amount garden owners about tapping into groundwater for irrigation purposes. The initial attitude was one of complete abundance, almost as if the ground several metres below us is soaked in water.

Irrigating with borehole water and wellpoint water.

I call this the “sponge in a bathtub” mindset. The sponge floats with top just sticking out above the water line. Stick a straw into the sponge and you would be able to suck the water out of it.

In recent years this mindset has been shown to be fallacious as many wellpoint and borehole users have learned their lesson the costly way. Within months, for some, after sinking a bore hole their water supply has dried up. Drilling companies are no longer able to guarantee hitting water, nor are they able to guess how long the ground water will be available.]

Drilling the borehole deeper.

Some have stuck to the old unsustainable mentality and have decided to just drill deeper. Hoping to hit water again. The problem lies in the nature of gravity. Groundwater is always drawn deeper into the earth's crust. The more “straws” we stick into the sponge the faster the water level drops.


Now you may have heard the counter argument that rainwater replenishes groundwater supplies. This is only partially true. Cape Town has several underground aquifers, some shallow and some deep below the surface. "Statements of these so-called aquifers that is so big and that have this big amounts of water. Any person that makes a statement of anything underground is a liar. I will tell them in their face. They want to give the impression that the know but they don’t have an any knowledge at all. They must become politicians."

Cape Aquifer.

The shallow Cape Flats Aquifer can sometime be seen above ground, during times of high rainfall, and may lie as deep as 10 metres below ground at certain locations. This ground water source is replenished when it rains every year.

Table Mountain Group Aquifer.

Other ground water sources form part of the the Table Mountain Group Aquifer which lies much deeper. It is not uncommon for these borehole pumps to be sunk 80+ metres below. The problem with accessing this source of water lies in the extremely gradual recharge rate. This recharge rate is in terms of hundreds of years and not just one single year compared to the Cape Flats Aquifer. It is therefore not surprising that many shallower boreholes of 20 to 40 metres have dried up in recent years. Sucking water from this depth is unsustainable and costly.

Dry borehole.

I would not be surprised if you you know of a friend or neighbour who’s borehole has run dry in recent years. This is often the same story we hear from clients struck by the misfortune of their wellpoint or borehole drying up. For them we provide a sustainable solution to their water problem that still allows them to enjoy the bounty of their garden. It is true that we will not be able to supply thousands of litres of water to irrigate large water thirsty gardens daily but with our systems your garden is assured of water every day as long as you are still bathing, showering and doing laundry.

Cost of a borehole.

The cost of a borehole could be R50,000 + with the uncertainty of not knowing whether you will hit water or if it will dry up in the next year of two or you could spend between R8500.00 and R 12 000.00 on a greywater system and be guaranteed water everyday for many years to come.

Garden choice.

What choice will you be making this season as summer threatens the existence of your garden?