Before you do anything regarding your borehole water or well point water contact us!


About borehole water.

  • You have a borehole or well point on your property.
  • You use municipality water at present but looking to switch over to borehole water.
  • The way the water crisis is in the Cape region it is no wander that people is desperate looking for alternative water.

Borehole water the only water source.

  • You don’t have any other option, but to make use of borehole water.
  • Borehole water is the only way you can have water due to the distance from the town.
  • 20 years ago the borehole water was of a higher quality than it is now.
  • The reason is that there are more informal settlements that make use of the pit toilets.
  • These pit toilets contaminate the ground water at such an alarming rate that it is unstoppable.
  • Every day more and more boreholes get contaminated due to their catchment areas.
  • The current government do nothing to prevent the contamination.
  • All that they are caring about is to provide more ground for the informal settlements and don’t address the ground water contamination.
  • That is a fact if you read the news and the corruption that flourish in the government.
  • Coliform bacteria, E.coli and chemical contamination is only few to mentioned.
  • It would be a good practice to get your borehole tested at least two times a year.
  • You must do it to ensure that you know the status of the water; your health depends on it.
  • Email us and we will send you a list of elements you can test for.
  • We will advise you on the treatment solutions in case the water quality requires it.

Borehole water users in municipalities.

  • You experience constant water cuts due to the drought.
  • The government and municipalities did not do their work.
  • They did not plan at all.
  • They don’t care as long as they get their salaries every month.