Cape Town Well points advice.

  • We can advise you on your Cape Town well points.
  • People believe that the moment they have a well point that their water problems has ended.
  • That is not the case.
  • There are things that people never think about and that are the water quality.
  • They want the well point or borehole at all cost.
  • Then the next thing is how much water the well point gives.
  • Let’s say a 1000 liter an hour.
  • The problem most of the time is that the water quality is not for human consumption.
  • The water is salty and smells like sulphur or rotten eggs.

Cape Town Well points water quality.

  • The well point water in Cape Town is of a low quality.
  • Most of the time you need some type of water treatment system.
  • You will notice that I did not use the wording water filtration system.
  • The water must be treated and not filtered.  
  • No filter system would work with the well point water.
  • The only one that I recommend is the reverse osmosis system and then it must comply with certain conditions.