Borehole water treatment requires knowledge about the different elements and how to treat it. In some cases two or three elements work together that would cause serious problems regarding the water quality.

Borehole Water Treatment Advice.

The best borehole water treatment advice that we can give you is to get the borehole water tested as soon as possible. It is critical that you know what the status of the borehole water is.

Borehole Water Treatment test.

Download the link below, print it and complete it by marking all the elements to be tested. It is important that all elements been tested. Just to test for a few elements that you think in important could be of no value to us.

By receiving the water test results you can send it to us and we will assist you.

Installation and supply of Borehole Water Treatment system.

We find that people want to save on the water treatment system by asking the plumber to supply and install a water system. The plumber knows nothing about the aspects of the correct treatment procedure for the different applications. The plumber knows all about the plumbing and we agree on that. If you are not serious about the health of your loved ones feel free to use the plumber.

Borehole Water Treatment Solution.

We provide borehole water treatment solutions to our clients on the basis that they provide us with the latest water analysis. We will not talk or give any advice to any person if they can’t provide a water analysis. Don’t even ask us how much a water treatment system would cost.