A combination of Industrial water treatment processes is been used by municipalities for different applications that may be present in the water.

Chlorination treatment of water.

The treatment of water with chlorination is to control algae and prevent any growth that may occur. Algae are a major problem with water due to the contamination that is present in nearly every water source. You will notice the presence algae in your water analysis by looking to the Nitrate as N (NO3-N) and Nitrite as N (NO2-N).

Aeration treatment of water.

Aeration treatment is used with the chlorination process for the removal of dissolved iron and manganese that may be present in the water. Iron and manganese is a major problem and is most of the time present in the water source. The iron and manganese is collected by the water as it passes through the ground. The iron and manganese cause brown stains on white material or surfaces. The brown stains are caused by bacteria that feed on the iron and manganese.

Flocculation treatment of water.

Flocculation is a process where a media is been added to the water source. This process is been used when there is a high amount of sediment present in the water. When the water appears dirty and you can’t see through the water then the flocculation process is been used. Sand filters is then been used to prevent the sediment and flocculation media to go through. Sand filtration is widely been used to filter water that have any sediment in. this process is been called sedimentation.

Filtration treatment of water.

The filtration treatment process is the removal of particles from the water source when the water passes through the sand bed. After the water pass through the sand bed it is then passed through filters that is washable.

Treatment of bacteria that may be present in water.

To treat bacteria, viruses and pathogens, Ultra violet light is been used to kill and destroy any live organisms that may be present in the water.