Can you provide me with treatment of well point water?

Treatment of well point water with iron.

There is a few ways to treat iron that is present in well point water. There is also a few media that is been used for the iron removing process. Then there is the ozone and the chlorination process. It only depends on what is readily available in your area. The treatment of iron in well point water is expensive but it is worth every rand. The presence of iron in well point water is no excuse to use the water after it is been removed. If you are serious about the removal of iron from your well point water give us a call or email us.

Treatment of well point water with calcium.

The treatment of well point water with calcium in is at times complicated and in other situations not an issue. Calcium and magnesium is two elements that work together. Calcium and magnesium can be removed with the ion exchange system or better known as the water softener system. This can only be done if the Sodium and chloride levels are low. If the sodium and calcium levels are high the system would be of no value. The water will pass through with no effect.

There are other devices that alter the molecular structure of the calcium and magnesium. The people that supply this devices claim that the devices work. The problem is that it must be at the nearest end of use. You can’t install this device before the water flow into the tank. There is no written proof that this devices work. It is all about belief. If you can’t proof something you have no claim that would stand in court.

Treatment of well point water with Sodium and chloride.

The treatment of well point water with sodium and chloride is a big problem. Most of the time the levels of these two elements is high. When this elements level is high you can only treat the water with a desalination plant. That is expensive and only for industrial usage. You can’t really help somebody that has a high sodium or chloride level.

Well point Water Treatment Systems.

Well point water treatment systems are a very specialized field. There is no such system as one system treats all water issues. I know that in the industry there are people that would inform you that you must get the big reverse osmosis system to treat all the water in your house. This impression that the person create is totally wrong. Reverse osmosis systems waste a large qualities of water that makes it not practical to use. Reverse osmosis water throughout the house is a total waste. That sounds good but it is not practical. Don’t you think that to flush the toilet with reverse osmosis water is a waste?

Well point water treatments systems and the specifications.

Reverse osmosis systems would not remove nitrates or nitrites from the water. The system would not remove iron and manganese from the water source. Calcium and magnesium would clog up the membrane of the reverse osmosis system. Within a few months you must replace the membrane. The membrane is the expensive part to replace. That is things the person would not inform you. When the membrane must be replaced they will have some excuse why it happened and it would sound if it’s your fault.  Each and every aspect of the water treatment needs its specific treatment process.

Whole house reverse osmosis system.

The people think that the big reverse osmosis systems are the “In thing”. Just to have is not a very bright idea.  You must know that the reverse osmosis water is acidic. It tends to corrode the copper and galvanized pipes. Green or blue marks in the toilets and clothes that have been stained a blue or green colour.