Well point water testing form.

If you are looking for a well point water testing form. You would get a water testing form by clicking on the link. The page that opens is the water testing form with all the elements that you must test for. Download the form and print it. Send it with your 1.5 liter water sample to the laboratory.

The South African National Ground Water Association (NGWA) advice well point owners to test their water at least annually for bacteria, nitrates, and any harmful contaminants. More frequent tests should be considered if the following is present:

If there is a change in the taste, odor, or appearance of the well water, or if a problem occurs such as a broken well cap, inundation by floodwaters, or a new contamination source
The well has a history of bacterial contamination
The septic system has recently malfunctioned
Family members or house guests have recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness
An infant is living in the home, or
To monitor the efficiency and performance of home water treatment equipment.
Check with your local health or environmental health department for recommendations regarding the type and frequency of testing specific to your location. For help in interpreting your water test results—and what might be a health risk or an aesthetic issue—ask the lab that conducted the test or your county health department.

Well point water quality testing.

It is of the utmost importance that you test your well point water at an accredited laboratory. This test could save your life. The reason I say that is due to the fact that some well point water has elements in that could cause long term health effects. We talk about kidney or liver failure just to mention two.

Well point water testing advice.

If you get your well point water tested. The important thing to know is to ask for the SANS 241 test. The “water testing form” would be of great value to identify the problem areas in the well point water. Don’t settle for any other type of test. When you receive the water test report, you can email it to us for advice. We would study the report and give you feedback.