Borehole water Safe in cape town

Is the borehole water safe in Cape Town for human consumption? I would say that the water at some areas is not suitable for human consumption. The water must first be treated before you can use it.

Borehole water in the cape region.

The borehole water in the Cape region differs from good to bad even in the same area. The best option is to test the borehole water. The water analysis is expensive and we have compiled a list of elements that differs the most during tests. If you want to get a copy of the list, you can email us and ask for the list.

Borehole water quality in the cape region.

There are seven elements that play a major factor in the quality of borehole water. The first is a low pH level. Second are two elements that works together and they are Sodium and Chloride. The fourth is Iron and Manganese. The sixth is Calcium and Magnesium. If these seven elements appear together it is sometimes not possible to treat the water and when we can treat the water it becomes very expensive.

Borehole water treatment in the cape region.

Borehole water treatment in the cape region is not as easy as people think it is. People think that you can treat borehole water with just a few water filters and that would be fine. That is not the case. Most of the time we don’t even use filters but different applications and methods.

Borehole water dangers in the cape region.

To drink borehole water even if it tastes good it still requires testing. Health effects caused by water don’t appear overnight. They take weeks, months or even years to appear. Things like kidney failure, liver failure, cancers or Alzheimer’s take years to manifest. When you get the illness you never think of the water because you drink it for years. That is the problem. The illness is then at that stage un-reversible. You look for something else but never the water. You must remember that the stuff that you put in your mouth will be absorbed by your body. Don’t let somebody or one of your loved ones get any health issues due to the water.

Danger of Iron in the borehole water.

A few years ago a friend of mine bought a farm with water in abundance. There was only one problem. There was iron in the water. They stayed on the farm for about five years. During that time his oldest son was diagnosed with a type of cancer that was in his stomach. He went for surgery and they removed it in time. That was due to the iron that was in the borehole water.

When To Test Your Water And Why

When to test your water and why depends on your seriousness about your health. The moment you use any water that is not been treated. If the quality of the water is unknown. Water is the force of live but it also has the ability to kill you. Water is absorbed by the body and everything that is present in the water will also be absorbed. Some elements in the water take months and even years to manifest. When it manifest it is too late to take any preventative measures. Most of the time it is kidney failure, liver failure or a type of cancer or other illness.

Water resources in the Cape Region.

Water resources in the Cape Region have reached a critical point where people looking to alternative water resources.

Water Resources in South Africa.

The  water resources in South Africa’s  is a scarce commodity, due to the water scarcity people is sometimes force to rely on alternative sources water resources other than relying on municipal water supply. People draw their water supply from a borehole, well point, dam or river. When water sources is been used where the water is not been treated it is best to determine whether the water quality is up to the SABS 241 standard for usage. The correct water analysis or water testing is the only way to determine this and this must only be done at an accredited laboratory.

Municipality water quality.

Municipality water quality is regulated within strict guidelines and standards to ensure that high quality water is supplied to the public. Up to 20 000 water samples is been tested every month to ensure that the water conforms to the standards. We don’t talk about municipalities that are prone to failing infrastructure and corruption.

Water Quality.

In some instances the water has high mineral contents, like salts or pathogens not to mention the low pH in the water.  The total hardness in the water is also a major problem due to the potential damage it can cause to appliances and piping throughout household and industrial cooling systems.

Borehole Signs

Regulations require that Borehole Signs must be displayed on premises where there is a borehole.

Borehole signs at premises where boreholes are.

  • Regulations required from you to put a sign at the premises that indicate that there is a borehole on the premises.
  • That seems like the right thing to do.
  • Yes the municipality will take notice of the sign.
  • They put your borehole on their data base.
  • You know that all, yes all the water belong to the state!
  • When the government can’t provide to you water as it would be in the Cape region.
  • The people will switch over to borehole or well point water instead of using municipality water.
  • Let’s say the taps run dry.
  • The municipality would not get any revenue from the water that you use from your water source.
  • The municipality will install water meters on your water source.
  • That way the municipality will get revenue.
  • The water belongs to the government.

Switching from municipality water to borehole water.

  • You switch over to your borehole.
  • You installed a water treatment system to ensure that the water is safe for human consumption.
  • The system cost a few thousand rands.
  • That was installed out of your pocket and not deducted from the government by means of a tax deduction.

Municipality water inspection.

  • The municipality notice that you do not use water.
  • Your monthly consumption was in the region of R 3 000.00.
  • The municipality need that money for cash flow purposes.
  • The water department visit your premises to see if you do not steal water.
  • They ask a few questions and learn that you use borehole water. That is not a problem at this moment.
  • They register the borehole on the premises and all seems in place.
  • You go on with your live and use the borehole water.
  • As more people switch over to borehole water the municipality runs into a cash flow problem.
  • The next option they have is to install water meters on every borehole that is registered.
  • That is the only way the municipality can get their cash flow problem solved.
  • That is not fair!
  • It is, all the water belongs to the government that is the municipality included.

Borehole water meter justification.

  • The municipality will just say the following.
  • The people that use borehole water are the rich people.
  • They have the money to install water treatment systems.
  • The poor can’t afford the water treatment systems.
  • The problem is that the poor wants everything for free.
  • They are not interested in solving anything.
  • Their only defense is that it is the rich that must pay.

Borehole water usage advice.

  • If you use borehole water use municipality water for just two days a month.
  • That way the municipality will notice that you still use the water.
  • They will not think you use borehole water.
  • Display your borehole sign where it is not fully exposed. 



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