Borehole connection to house

I Bought a property recently that has a borehole. Currently, the borehole is only supplied to one tap in the garden area. I have tested the borehole water at a local water testing laboratory. I want to connect the water onto the house but I don’t know if the water is safe for consumption.

Water connection to house.

Is it possible for me to connect the borehole to the main water supply, which supplies the house (drinking, geysers, toilets etc.)? I am not sure what type of submersible pump is installed at the borehole. I have a JoJo tank for the water from the borehole. Do I need another tank or is the one tank sufficient? I want it to work from pressure as a tap is opened. What would be needed for this? Also do I need to convert anything inside the house, such as toilet, washing machine etc.  I am assuming the supply might not be constant 4 kpa?

Water testing result analyst.

Before I can give you any advice on the treatment and usage of your borehole water I need the water results. This is very important. From the results we can established what actions to be taken. This is to ensure that we treat the water the correct way. There is no such system that treats all issues at once. I’m talking about the view people have about the “reverse osmosis system” and the “Big blue system”.

Calcium and magnesium readings.

Every element or groups of elements must be treated in a different way. For instance if you take Calcium and magnesium. You must know what the total hardness of the water is and that is why you must know what the calcium and magnesium reading are. This element is not a health risk but it can cause financial losses due to the lime built-up in the pipes and around the geyser element.

Iron and manganese readings.

These two elements can be a health risk if it is too high. It is also have a financial implication due to the fact that it can stain white surfaces. Cloths and baths, basins etc. can be stained. These elements must be eliminated as far as possible. The treatment of these elements takes a good knowledge of the processes involved. The treatment systems and processes can become expensive.

Borehole connection to house


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