Don’t know people who want to buy something

Where do I start with getting information?

I don’t know people who want to buy something like a house or car what to say something of high value.
If you don’t know somebody who wants to buy something then you must approach it form a different angle.
Most of my friends have already vehicles and I know nobody who wants to buy a car at this stage.
How will I know that somebody is interested in buying a car or house?
There is only one way to find out and that is to ask.
Yes you must ask to obtain the information you need.
Focus on collecting information when interacting with people.

Information gathering strategy.

The first person you come in a conversation with start asking questions in a very subtle way.
When you ask you will receive and that is what you must do.
Don’t ask question after question but one or two at the most.
Like, Hi I see you driving this car for a while don’t you want to sell it.
No not now but the end of this year I want to trade this one in for another vehicle.
Do you have any brand or model in mind?

The potential buyer’s information given.

The person would give you a clear indication what he is looking for.
You have the information you needed like his name, cell phone number.
He wants to buy a car the end of the year and you know the brand, model and color.
Make a note in your dairy and follow up at the beginning of November.

Start earning money.

Visit “The Money Makers” website.
Register to become a member of “The Money Makers”.
Once you have registered you can now start earning money.
When you know a person who wants to buy some high value item just log into your profile.
Place a request by following the instructions on the form.
The process would not take more than three minutes and you’re done.
Work well done now it is up to the person who you referred and the business to do their thing.
You can expect a message about an e-wallet.

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