Money making ideas

Do you have any money making ideas?

Yes we only share the money making ideas with “The Money Makers” club members.
There are hundreds of money making ideas.
Every idea has a different outcome but you must implement the money making idea to best optimize it.
It is of no value if you have an idea but it is not profitable.
What I mean by profitable is the profit in relation to the time spend and the financial layout.

Flea markets ideas.

Western Cape is a very good example of the popularity of flea markets but is it worth the effort?
In most cases it is not worth it.
You spend the entire day at the flea market and make only a few hundred of rand.
The question what is your profit?
You must take a few factors in consideration like fuel, fee for stand and electricity.
When you know what your profit is then divide the profit in the hours you spend with the flea market exercise.
Let’s say your profit is R 500 but you spend eight hours preparing and operating the stand.
Do you want to tell me that your time is worth R62.50 an hour?

Best way to make extra money.

The best way to make money could be found on the website
It is a referral website that does everything for you.
All that you do is to
Register on the website.
You listen to what people share about some items they want to buy.
Let’s say a person, friend or family wants to buy a car.
You log into the website and place a request for the assistance for that person who wants to but the car.
The website will do the rest it doesn’t matter where the person stay in South Africa.
The website informs a business or sales person near where the person stays.
A meeting is arranged and the sale is finalized. A few days later you get the money.

Profitable money making ideas.

There are a lot of profitable money making ideas but we only discuss it with the club members.
They explore the different options and then focus on one to his or her advantage.
There is much more that the idea involved when looking to a business concept.
If you want to be part of this wonderful opportunity you have to

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