My borehole water smell like sewage

The problem with borehole water that smells is due to a few underlying factors.

The underground water supply is polluted by sewage from some type of source.
Underground water supply flows past a French drain that overflows or is not designed the correct way.
Heavy rains because French drain to overflow and sewerage been spilled in groundwater.
I have found that some small holding owners have their own way to design their drains.
I was shocked when I started to take a closer look to the designs of drains on properties that I visit.
We and that put me first inline point fingers to the government and informal settlements for polluting our groundwater.
Small holding owners are in a big percentage also responsible for the contamination of our groundwater.
Take me on, on this topic and prove me wrong!
Borehole water supplied from a river nearby.
Sewage pollution of any type.
Long drop as far as 800 meters from borehole is a big problem.

Sewage smell in my borehole water.

What cause my borehole water to smell like sewage?
It would be sewage in the groundwater.
Another factor could be some types of natural elements that are present in the water.
Your French drain that is not designed properly.
Your drain pipes are damaged by a tree that causes the sewage to flow into the ground contaminating the groundwater.
A pit toilet on your property or nearby property.
Animals on the property or nearby.

Your water tank can be the course of the problem.

Is the tank open?
A bird, lizard, rat or any dead thing in the tank.
Tree leaves in tank.
Water source is not clean even tap water from city council.
Bacteria accumulation due to heat because the tank is in the sun.
It could be Hydrogen sulphide.
The biggest culprit is sewage from pit toilets in the surrounding area.
It could be an informal settlement that could be kilometres away.

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My borehole water smell like sewage

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