Borehole Signs

Regulations require that Borehole Signs must be displayed on premises where there is a borehole.

Borehole signs at premises where boreholes are.

  • Regulations required from you to put a sign at the premises that indicate that there is a borehole on the premises.
  • That seems like the right thing to do.
  • Yes the municipality will take notice of the sign.
  • They put your borehole on their data base.
  • You know that all, yes all the water belong to the state!
  • When the government can’t provide to you water as it would be in the Cape region.
  • The people will switch over to borehole or well point water instead of using municipality water.
  • Let’s say the taps run dry.
  • The municipality would not get any revenue from the water that you use from your water source.
  • The municipality will install water meters on your water source.
  • That way the municipality will get revenue.
  • The water belongs to the government.

Switching from municipality water to borehole water.

  • You switch over to your borehole.
  • You installed a water treatment system to ensure that the water is safe for human consumption.
  • The system cost a few thousand rands.
  • That was installed out of your pocket and not deducted from the government by means of a tax deduction.

Municipality water inspection.

  • The municipality notice that you do not use water.
  • Your monthly consumption was in the region of R 3 000.00.
  • The municipality need that money for cash flow purposes.
  • The water department visit your premises to see if you do not steal water.
  • They ask a few questions and learn that you use borehole water. That is not a problem at this moment.
  • They register the borehole on the premises and all seems in place.
  • You go on with your live and use the borehole water.
  • As more people switch over to borehole water the municipality runs into a cash flow problem.
  • The next option they have is to install water meters on every borehole that is registered.
  • That is the only way the municipality can get their cash flow problem solved.
  • That is not fair!
  • It is, all the water belongs to the government that is the municipality included.

Borehole water meter justification.

  • The municipality will just say the following.
  • The people that use borehole water are the rich people.
  • They have the money to install water treatment systems.
  • The poor can’t afford the water treatment systems.
  • The problem is that the poor wants everything for free.
  • They are not interested in solving anything.
  • Their only defense is that it is the rich that must pay.

Borehole water usage advice.

  • If you use borehole water use municipality water for just two days a month.
  • That way the municipality will notice that you still use the water.
  • They will not think you use borehole water.
  • Display your borehole sign where it is not fully exposed. 


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Salty Well Point water

Western Cape Salty Well Point water.

The Cape region is prone to salty well point water and borehole water.  This includes places around Cape Town, Summerset west, Strand, Bellville, and parts of the Western Cape. 

Our well point or borehole water is salty? 

If it is, depending on how bad the salty or sodium levels are, there are a number of ways that can help.

Low levels of salt or Sodium in Well point or borehole water.

For low levels of (Sodium) salt we would recommend where it is just a matter of polishing up the water you actually use for cooking and drinking, Well Point water can install a simple, affordable reverse osmosis (RO) unit.  This type of RO unit is also great for people who want to remove sodium coming from their water softener.

Where salty water is responsible for corrosion of pipes, fixtures, and appliances is an issue some companies jump straight to the much larger whole-house RO units.  Well point water can certainly install such equipment and for some people it is the best choice.  It is very expensive to install and to operate, however, so we prefer to look for an alternative.

One such alternative is sealing out the bottom of the well where salt normally comes from.  Before doing this we run a series of tests to ensure it is a viable option for your particular well.  If it is, however, it can be a simple and money-saving solution to an otherwise very difficult problem.

Got salt?  Give Well Point Water a call!


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Plumber doing water treatment system

My Plumber doing water treatment system.

This morning I received a “Whats App” from a client that I spend a lot of time on to advise her on the correct water treatment system for her well point water. I visit the site and advise her on where the systems would be installed. Then she asks for a pressure pump that I would provide as well. She informed me that she would discuss it with her husband and come back to me. A few days later the “Whats App” informing me that her plumber across the street would install the water treatment system. That is fine with me because it is her democratic right.

Plumber knowledge of water treatment systems.

Any plumber you med will inform you that they would install a water treatment system for you. The question is do they know anything about the water treatment methods. The answer is no. they would rather risk the installation and who would know if the screw up? They got their money and that is what counts. Their focus is on the job and the money they can make.

Water treatment system installation.

The water treatment system installation is but a very small section of the process. Any person can connect the different parts to gather. In what order must the part or systems be installed? The critical part is the media and the correct system for the specific application.

Why water treatment systems?

There are two sides as I see it. The most exploited one is the money. This is people that would advise you to buy the water treatment system they have in stock or make the most money on. This is the most dangerous actions. People believe this sales or even plumbers and install the system they advise. This person doesn’t have a clue what this water treatment system function is and if it is affective. The other day I med a plumber at an irrigation shop. He informed me that he also do water treatment systems. He named a few systems that he used to install. You could knock me over with a feather. He had no clue but he don’t care it is business.

What are water treatment systems about?

Water treatment systems are all about one thing at the end. First it is to treat the water that you can use it. The main focus of any water treatment system must always be focused on the health and well being of any person or animal that drinks that water. Nothing else!