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R15bn Umzimvubu Water Project on ice

The question is what is the real reason for the delay?
Do they first want to work a way out how to channel the money to other bank accounts?
The trend is set, let's take a look.
Does South Africa needs the water and does they want the money?
Bey to that money!


R220 million drought relief money: Just missing?

Where is this money?
Who was responsible to manage that money?
Did they managed the money through their bank accounts?
What will happened to the users of that money?
Is it users or thieves?
No it is AA.

South Africa crisis far bigger than Eskom.

Vast stretches of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape are still experiencing severe drought conditions. The taps are drying up.

Beaufort West, probably the most well-known of these due to its location on the N1 transport route, has been in crisis for months. This is not mismanagement; far lower-than-average rainfall means boreholes (a major source of the town’s water) are drying up.


A similar scenario is playing out in Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown), but this is a crisis caused by the almost completely dysfunctional Makana Local Municipality. A similar situation played out in 2013.


In Kimberley, the entire town’s water supply is shut off by the Sol Plaatje Municipality every evening from 6 pm and restored at 4 am the next morning. Reservoir levels are critically low and this ‘intervention’ is the only realistic way for the municipality to maintain supply (water is pumped to Kimberley from the Vaal River, about 30km away). The recent deterioration in raw water quality poses real risks to a host of towns and cities that rely on the Vaal River System, including Kimberley. This is an entire provincial capital, without water.


Along with this, dozens of smaller towns including Philipstown, Petrusville, Harrismith, Bethal, Welkom, Ladysmith and Laingsburg are in crisis. Many more communities in towns and districts (especially in Limpopo and North West Province) are experiencing chronic water quality issues.


The Department of Water and Sanitation maintains that it is not the department’s responsibility to deliver emergency water supplies to towns in crisis. Beaufort West and Makhanda are relying on Gift of the Givers to truck in bottled water. No one in government can, or will, help.