Water Table

The water table is the level of the ground water under the ground from the surface.

The water table means?

  • The water table is the top surface of the saturated water area or level of the water from the surface level.
  • You will notice that people always refer to as “how high is the water table”.
  • The water table may be higher or lower in the ground, depending on how much rain fall in that area.
  • Fog and heavy mist can also have an effect on the water table.
  • The depth of the water table can vary from ground level in some areas in the western Cape to 80 meters or more.
  • During the winter months the water table is at its highest in the Western Cape due to the fact that their rainy season is during the winter.
  • Inland like Gauteng the water table is at its highest during the summer due to the rainy season.

The level of the water table.

  • The level of the water table can fluctuate from area to area.
  • This is due to the ground formation and the ground structure.
  • Sand tends to have a higher water table than Clay or Silty soil.

How to measure the water table.

  • The only way to measure the water table is to dig a hole in the ground or drill one.
  • At some places during the rainy season you would just dig a 30 centimeter hole and you will notice the water seeps through the ground to a level.
  • That is the water table for that specific area on that time.
  • During the non-rainy season you will notice that the water table would be much deeper.
Water Table


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