There is a different Domestic Water Treatment system for every application that is needed.

Domestic Water Treatment of municipality water.

If you want to treat municipality water you only need to purify the water of the purpose you required.
The municipality water is already been treated and is suitable for human consumption.
Municipalities conduct thousands of water tests every month to ensure that the water comply with the SANS standards.
Water shops focus on providing their clients with Reverse osmosis water.
They even claim that they provide ozone water.
The ozone water is just a money making racket.
The ozone evaporates out of the water and the way does it, would be of no value to the clients.
If you don’t drink the ozonated water within five minutes from the time it is ozonised the ozone will be gone.

Domestic Water Treatment of well point water.

The treatment of well point water is not that easy as you may think.
There is no one water treatment system that could address all the issues that may arrive from the well point. First of all, you must test your well point water at an accredited laboratory.
Not a swimming pool shop.
The treatment of well point water is very complicated and people that specialize in the treatment of well point water would be able to provide you with the correct information regarding the treatment of your well point water.
The local plumber would be able to install a system but not the correct way.
Not to talk about the application of the correct system for a specific problem.

Domestic Water Treatment of borehole water.

Borehole and well point water treatment is very complicated.
If you want to gamble with the health of your loved ones, ask the plumber to provide you with a water treatment system.
You will pay the price for the savings you get from using the plumber.
The health issues that originate from well point or borehole water take years to manifest.
Things like kidney failure, liver failure, cancers and then Alzheimer’s that originate from aluminium.
That is just a few that I mentioned.

Domestic Water Treatment advice.

Get advice from people that specialize in the treatment of borehole or well point water.
That is not the local water shop, swimming pool shop or plumber.
I know you don’t have the money to buy the water systems but your health is more important than been stingy.
You didn’t mind to pay for the drilling and the pumps.
That was a big gamble because you did not know if you would get any water.
You did not think about the quality of the water when you start with the drilling process.