Natural iron that is found in the ground is most of the time present in the borehole water.

Iron Oxidizes Process.

The iron oxidizes process with oxygen thus causing brown stains on walls, in the bathroom, plants and any other item that comes into contact with the water that is contaminated with Iron or Manganese. Manganese and iron is usually found in the same water source. In some cases it can cause unsightly black or brown and red stains.

Iron treatment processes.

We specialize in the iron treatment processes that are a big problem in some cases. We will solve your iron or manganese issues.

We at Well Point Water offer several iron and manganese treatment systems to remove the iron content from the water.  By treating the iron and manganese we prevent ongoing costly repaints and cleaning of products and items that could be damaged by the stains.

Iron Removal Technology solutions

Heavy metals like for instance dissolved iron in raw source water like borehole or well point water is a major problem is some areas. This situation occurs mainly from borehole water or well point water, wells is not excluded. The iron or manganese can only be removed via an iron exchange process where the iron or manganese is been oxidized with ozone or chlorine. When the dissolved iron is been oxidized it change to the solid state that makes it easy to collect. A filter media is been used to collect the iron. The system is then been back washed to dispose the collected iron. The correct size media must be used in the iron removal system. We at Well Point Water will not give you any advice or even sell a product if you can’t submit a water analysis. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. We prefer the right way. The water analysis is King. Without a water analysis it is thumb suck and could lead in a waste of money. We talk about thousands of rands. We need to know the iron ppm content that is present in the water. This information would ensure that we can establish the effective contact time required and correct loading of filtration media.

Well Point Iron Treatment Solution.

If you have any iron or manganese in your water. You will notice brown, or light red stains on white surfaces. The stains are a sure sign that there is iron or manganese present in the water. Get in contact with us.

Iron treatment and removal shop.

We at DIY Water Systems at 57 Barnard street, Oakdale would be honored to solve your stain problem once and for all. Shop map.