Why Is My Tap Water Brown?

It is quite often that people phone me and complain that their tap water is still brown even if there is systems installed that is supposed to remove iron and manganese.

Removing iron and manganese the natural way.

To remove iron and manganese is the safest but most of the time it is not effective. Sometimes it is effective for a few months and then the brown is a problem again. The first the people do that wants to treat the iron and manganese add lime or any product they can get to increase the ph. Then they get a filter to collect the solid iron and manganese. They also make use of ozone and oxidizing pumps. All this methods is in operation but most of the time it does not solve the brown staining in the long run.

Effective way to treat iron and manganese.

There is a very effective way to treat iron and manganese. This method a combination of a few things that must be controlled to ensure the effective treatment and removal of the iron and manganese. This process is more expensive but it is the only effective way to solve your brown water problem. If you want to know more about the treatment of iron and manganese you can phone us. I recommended that you only use members that are registered with the “groundwater Treatment Association”. The website for the “Groundwater Treatment Association” is GWTA.co.za or GWTA.org.za

Tap Water Brown photo