The first and most important step in well point water treatment is to get the water tested.

Advice on Well Point Water Treatment.

Testing of the well point water is critical. Water testing must be done at an accredited laboratory like BemLab in the Cape Region and Water Lab in Pretoria. This laboratories test according the SANS 214 Standards. If you want a form to see what to test for please download this link.

When you receive the water analysis, you can email it to us and we will advise you on what action to take.

Well Point Water Treatment systems.

Well point water treatment systems is not the ones that the local plumber advice and install. The water treatment of well point water is based on the water analysis that represents the water quality of that specific well point. We seldom make use of the popular “20 inch Big Blue System” that every second plumber installed. That systems is totally ineffective and a waste of money.

Well Point Water Treatment system versus water analysis.

Well Point Water Treatment system corresponds with water analysis. The water analysis indicates what system needs to be installed for what element. Every item on that water analysis plays a very important part in the establishment of what system would be installed. In some cases two or more elements work together to cause a problem. That problem must be address. There is no such thing as one system for all issues. Like the “20 inch Big Blue System” that system will be responsible for health issues later on it may take a year or two but it will appear.

Well Point Water Treatment Solution.

The correct well point water treatment system for the specific application to correct the issue. Talk to us when you have your water analysis. Email the water analysis to and we will assist you on the correct application for that specific well point. It is better to have saved consumable water than have water that can steal you of your health.