Well Point Drilling contractors.

If you are looking for a well point drilling contractor then you can contact us or just send an email.
We work with drilling contractors in the field and know who knows what they are doing and who not.
We don’t do well point drilling.
We focus on the treatment of the water.

Well Point Drilling advice.

If you want to make use of a well point drilling contractor then we advise you to talk to us.
We know most of them by name and know the ones that have pride in what they are doing.
There is some that is just in the industry to make a quick buck.

Well Point Drilling cost.

The other day I spoke to a man and he informed me that a well point contractor charged him R 10 000 for a well point.
That was a rip off.
There is absolutely no point that you have to pay R10 000.00 for a well point.
The maximum price for a well point is R 4 500.00 and that is the pump included.

Well Point Drilling