Well Point Maintenance

We specialize in well point maintenance.
The well point is a fixed system and can’t be removed as a borehole pump.
That is why the well point system must be treated with the utmost care to ensure that the well point system as a whole stays operational.
The only difference is that the well point needs some maintenance once in a while.
That is to ensure that it stays operational.
Produce water as required.
Well points have the tendency where it provides a curtain volume of water per hour and over years it lessens.
It could take years or months it all depends on the ground formation is which the well point is.

Well point no water.

My well point don't have any water.
What could go wrong?
I need the well point to work.

Well point stops working.

There are a number of factors that can cause it.
It could be the pump itself.
Did the pump run dry?
Did you bleed the pump?
What happened that cause the problem?
We need some feedback to get an understanding on what to start look for.
A well point is a big asset in this drought stricken area. Make full use of it.
There is no need not to use the well point to the fullest extent.

Use of well point water.

Well point users depleted the groundwater.
If a well point owner use the water in their garden.
Let’s be logical.
You pump the water from a depth of let’s say 5 meters.
You water the garden.
Where do you think the water is flowing to?
The well point water source.
You just recycle the water that’s all that’s happening.
Yes there is some evaporation that takes place.
That is like saying that cattle are responsible for the greenhouse effect.
What do you think will happen to that water that is in your well point catchment area?
Nothing it will just move from one area to the other.
Like the rivers that flow into the sea.

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Well Point Maintenance


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