Well Point Water Information

We want to use our well point water in the house.
Due to the drought we want to be sure that when there is no water that we would still have water.
We want to tap into the house water supply line from the municipality.
There is only one big problem.
The well point water is in  some cases of a low quality.
The water taste salty and it have a strange smell.

Well Point Water usage.

Nearly every person you talk to have a well point or a borehole.
I wonder if so many people start to use the wellpoint and borehole water what impact it would have on the water level.
It would be fine to have water when the municipality cut the water supply due to the drought.
Yes we would have water but what about the quality of the water.
You can’t drink or use it when it is too salty.


Water treatment specialists.

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Using Well Point Water

We SPECIALIZE in the supply, installation and services of water treatment system.
We are a service orientated business.
We focus on solving your water problems.
We make your life easier.
Your health is important to us.


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