Well point water quality

All that I can say is that about 85% of the well point water is not suitable for domestic use of any kind.
The only way the salty water can be used is to treat the water.
The treatment process is called desalination.
It is expensive and mostly for industrial use.

Well point water quality information.

People think that the well point water is of a good quality because it comes from the ground.
Well point water can be clean or contaminated or some elements levels can be sky high.
We advice people that use well point water to first get the water tested at an accredited laboratory.
That would cost a thousand rand but it is every sent worth.
With this water results in hand, we can then assist you in getting the correct system for the specific application.
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It is all about your health.
Every drop of water that you absorb is consume by the body and if it is contaminated the body will store that contamination substance somewhere in the body.

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Well point water quality

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