Well point water usage advice.

We need some well point water usage advice

Some well point water usage advice.

During our actions and installations of well point water usage systems. We noticed that the well point water in the Cape region is of a low quality. Wait before you stop reading, we want to make it clear that the well point water could still be used with the correct water treatment systems. There is an element in the well point water that makes the water treatment process very difficult.

Good well point advice.

We will assist any person that wants any well point water treatment advice. What we don’t do is to be a free source of information. We respect people and care about their well- being.  It took us years of hard work and investigations by collecting information to ensure that when we talk about something we know the product or process. We never act or believe the information the product manual or the marketers gave.

Well point water treatment advice.

The most important aspect of well point is to have the area around the well point or borehole free of any vegetation. Look for termites or ants that have their nest on the side of the sleeve of borehole. Please take extra measures to ensure that the well point or borehole is covered to prevent anything from getting into the well point or borehole. Snakes and rats like to get into the well point or borehole and lands up in the water. Never add any chemicals to the well point or borehole.

Any important well point water advice?

It doesn’t matter how the water taste, looks or smells like. It is our desire to solve any water problem you may have. We specialize in the treatment of well point water and borehole water. What we require is the latest well point water analysis. It is of the utmost importance that the well point water is been tested by an accredited laboratory. Please, stay away from water shops. When a water shop gives you advice about the treatment of well point water. Our advice in this case is “RUN as Fast as you can”. Well point or borehole water treatment is not their specialty they treat municipality water that’s already been treated.