Any news on the Underground water levels in the western cape.

Western Cape groundwater.

During the last few months the groundwater was under severe stress due to the fact that more people made use of the groundwater. The municipality is greatly to blame for that. The municipality received large amounts of money from different countries for the water infrastructure. The question is what did they do with the money?

The latest groundwater news.

The rain that we received during the month of May did have a big influence on the ground water levels. Some people will argue that it was not enough. Yes it was not the amount of water that we would wish for but every drop counts. The rain was soft and over a few days. This type of rain causes the water to penetrate the ground and not flow away. This penetration of the water into the ground has a mayor effect on the levels of the ground water.

Measuring rainfall.

Your neighbour inform you that there was 30 ml rain last night and during yesterday it measured 15 ml. What does that tells you? That it rain 45 ml for the day and night. But what does it mean? The measuring of rain water is not that complicated. If the reading indicated that 15ml fall during the storm. In actual fact is that it means that 15 liters of water fall per square meter. If it rain 30ml, it in fact mean that 30 liters of water fall on every meter block.

Ground water danger.

It is interesting to listen to some of the big companies that are involved with the different water treatment systems like the desalination or the atmospheric water system. They want to downplay the use of borehole and well point water. I would not be surprised if the government announce that the use of wellpoint and borehole water is prohibited.