I need information regarding well point water treatment in the Cape region.

Advice for well point water treatment in the Cape region.

We give advice for well point water treatment in the Cape region.
It is important to get the correct advice if you want to treat your well point water.
More and more people want to use their well point or borehole water for the household.
With the water crisis sword that hangs over every person head it is no wonder that everyone wants to get off the grid as soon as possible.
With good reason.
The people that abide by the rules are always the one that must comply with the rules but those that have, a don’t care mentality, gets away with murder.
If you drive through a township you will notice that the water crisis is not applicable to them.
The water flow down the road as if there is no water crisis.

Warning for well point water treatment.

Please don’t believe every person that tells you something about water treatment.
The plumbers are now all of a sudden water experts.
To be honest.
They don’t have a clue about water treatment.
The information they have is the information that they hear from other people that talk about water treatment.
Today a person phoned me and begs me to help him because he installed a system and it doesn’t work.
The poor guy was in a state.
I had no other option but to help him.
The advice I can give you is to search the internet for businesses that specialize in water treatment.
Ask the person if they install and maintain their water treatment systems that they promote.
If they say. No.
Look for another person.
They will tell you all the information you want to hear.
The truth is they do not know the real function of the system.
They only know what the rep or sales person told them.
Stay away.

Western Cape water treatment.

If you experience any problems with your well point or borehole water feel free to contact me. Doesn't matter what day or time. We will solve your water problems. We specialize in the treatment processes of well point and borehole water.

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Well point water treatment system installation.

Look for a website that provides usable information regarding water treatment systems.
Talk to the person that do the installations they are the once that would tell you what works and what not.
The salesperson would sell anything even if it doesn’t work.
Don’t install your own water treatment system. Get the people that know how to do it.