When To Test Your Water And Why

When to test your water and why depends on your seriousness about your health. The moment you use any water that is not been treated. If the quality of the water is unknown. Water is the force of live but it also has the ability to kill you. Water is absorbed by the body and everything that is present in the water will also be absorbed. Some elements in the water take months and even years to manifest. When it manifest it is too late to take any preventative measures. Most of the time it is kidney failure, liver failure or a type of cancer or other illness.

Water resources in the Cape Region.

Water resources in the Cape Region have reached a critical point where people looking to alternative water resources.

Water Resources in South Africa.

The  water resources in South Africa’s  is a scarce commodity, due to the water scarcity people is sometimes force to rely on alternative sources water resources other than relying on municipal water supply. People draw their water supply from a borehole, well point, dam or river. When water sources is been used where the water is not been treated it is best to determine whether the water quality is up to the SABS 241 standard for usage. The correct water analysis or water testing is the only way to determine this and this must only be done at an accredited laboratory.

Municipality water quality.

Municipality water quality is regulated within strict guidelines and standards to ensure that high quality water is supplied to the public. Up to 20 000 water samples is been tested every month to ensure that the water conforms to the standards. We don’t talk about municipalities that are prone to failing infrastructure and corruption.

Water Quality.

In some instances the water has high mineral contents, like salts or pathogens not to mention the low pH in the water.  The total hardness in the water is also a major problem due to the potential damage it can cause to appliances and piping throughout household and industrial cooling systems.

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